Weg_RE Project

Project Team

Here you find a short description of the core team of our project.

Andreas Trügler

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Jakob Abermann

Jakob Abermann is the PI in the project. He has a background in Meteorology and Glaciology. In his research, he relates climate change and the Cryosphere on the scale of a century. After having worked in the Alps, the Andes and Antarctica, his focus now lies in Greenland. He lived in Nuuk for 5 years and adds local knowledge and connections to the project.

Andreas Trügler

Andreas Trügler, the co-PI of the project, is a Theoretical Physicist with a strong passion for the Arctic. He is leading a team of AI researchers and computer scientists and brings in his expertise on Machine Learning, Numerical Modelling and Physics. Besides his scientific contribution to the project, he is also an experienced mountaineer and member of the Austrian mountain rescue forces.

Florina Schalamon

Florina Schalamon is a PhD student in the project. She has a background in Physics and Meteorology and studied in Germany, Sweden and on Svalbard. Based on field observations and historical data she will relate the local microclimate to glacier surface mass balance and investigate how temporally constant those connections are.

Sebastian Scher

Sebastian Scher is a senior researcher at Know-Center and works as a Post-Doc for the WGE_RE project. He has studied climate physics in Utrecht, and has done his PhD at Stockholm University on using Artificial Intelligence for weather and climate forecasting. He applies Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence to better understand what drives the climate in Greenland.

Wolfgang Schöner

Wolfgang Schöner is the head of the group Climate Change in Mountain Regions (CCMoRe) at Graz University and the director of the Austrian Polar Research Insitute (APRI). His research topics include climatology and hydrology (especially climate change in mountain regions), glaciology (climate impacts on snow and glaciers) and implications of climate change for hydrology/water management with a regional focus on the Alps and the Arctic. He is participating in the project with his expertise on glaciers in the Arctic, climate change and meterology.



FWF funded research project about centennial climate drivers of glacier changes in greenland.