Weg_RE Project

The Ice Line Documentary

A documentary film on the tracks of Alfred Wegener's climate research in Greenland

J. Abermann, S. Fauland

2-Minute Read


A team of scientists follows in the footsteps of the polar researcher Alfred Wegener in Greenland: Even almost a hundred years later it is an adventure to get to the bottom of the laws of nature.

The Ice Line

We are facing a widespread lack of knowledge about climate change and how it affects our world now and in the future. How does nature work and how are scientists able to make invisible mechanisms visible drawing attention to the dramatic environmental changes we are confronted with?

People around the world are uniting in the fight against climate change and demand that politicians finally listen to the warnings of scientists.

The documentary

The documentary film will provide a unique insight into the work of scientific research: How is data being collected by measuring the world, how many puzzle pieces are required to read the oracle? We will follow the team to Greenland and its breathtaking nature and immerse into a world where nature is still stronger than man. It is a place where climate change cannot be denied. It has already radically changed the way of life of the Greenlandic people, put their country back into the focus of economic and geopolitical interests and will continue to do so in the future. “Die Eisgrenze / The Ice Line” is a project initiated by Stefan Fauland and Jakob Abermann.

Title image © Stefan Fauland

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FWF funded research project about centennial climate drivers of glacier changes in greenland.