Weg_RE Project

About the project

Centennial Climate Drivers of Glacier Changes in Greenland

J. Abermann, A. Trügler

3-Minute Read


Greenland’s ice masses are currently experiencing particularly strong changes due to human-induced climate change. The observed time series of atmospheric conditions and impacts on the glacier surface are limited to recent decades. A longer perspective is particularly important if we are to achieve realistic reconstructions of the past or modeling of the future, but is usually limited to indirect proxies.


Merging glaciology and meteorology with AI

J. Abermann, A. Trügler

2-Minute Read

Earth observation

We are following the footsteps of Alfred Wegener and we intend to build a climatological and glaciological bridge over nearly hundred years: The combination of Wegener’s original measurement data from 1930/31 with new measurements from the same measurement points is unique and gives the project high significance.

The Ice Line Documentary

A documentary film on the tracks of Alfred Wegener's climate research in Greenland

J. Abermann, S. Fauland

2-Minute Read


A team of scientists follows in the footsteps of the polar researcher Alfred Wegener in Greenland: Even almost a hundred years later it is an adventure to get to the bottom of the laws of nature.



FWF funded research project about centennial climate drivers of glacier changes in greenland.