Weg_RE Project


Merging glaciology and meteorology with AI

J. Abermann, A. Trügler

2-Minute Read

Earth observation

We are following the footsteps of Alfred Wegener and we intend to build a climatological and glaciological bridge over nearly hundred years: The combination of Wegener’s original measurement data from 1930/31 with new measurements from the same measurement points is unique and gives the project high significance.

Earth observation and geoscience

Applying machine learning to satellite imagery and climate data

Andreas Trügler

1-Minute Read

Earth observation

One of the great things about machine learning algorithms is that they can be applied to so many different fields and problems, that’s one of the main reasons why working with them is so fascinating. Due to my passion for mountains, snow and remote areas like Greenland or Svalbard, linking them with geoscience and glaciology was kind of obvious for me.



FWF funded research project about centennial climate drivers of glacier changes in greenland.