Weg_RE Project

Data from our Stations

Here you find data from some of our measurement stations at the Qaamarujup Sermia in West Greenland.

Andreas Trügler

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Selected measurement data

The Qaamarujup Sermia is a land-terminating outlet glacier of the Greenland Ice Sheet. It is located at 71°08′N, 51°10′W at the easternmost end of the Qaamarujup fjord. The glacier almost reached the coast during the Little Ice Age based on moraine deposits, but since then underwent a significant retreat. In the following tables you find some of the data from our automated weather stations that are located at the same positions where also Alfred Wegener and his team did their measurements.

Position of our automated weather stations at Qaamarujup Sermia.

Position of our automated weather stations at Qaamarujup Sermia.

Hourly data

Air temperature
Air pressure
Battery voltage

Daily mean data

Daily mean relative humidity
Daily mean wind speed
Daily mean net radiation

Timelapse video of the Qaamarujup Sermia

The following video shows the the glacier retreat within the first year of our measurements. If it’s not displayed in your browser you can also find it here.



FWF funded research project about centennial climate drivers of glacier changes in greenland.